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Monarch Concepts nonprofit 501 (C) 3
Dedicate to defending the victims of torture and abuse

A few Army intelligence officers are using classified anti-personnel weapons in a secret dirty war of torture and assassination targeting innocent men, women, and even children. Most victims are political activists and whistleblowers being used as human guinea pigs in a classified weapons development program. The Active Denial System, the ADS, is a public nonlethal microwave weapon that instantly heats your skin to 130 degrees F and feels like you're touching a red hot frying pan. It is a pain amplification device engineered not to kill, so people will accept the new weapons. The political activists and whistleblowers are being attacked in their homes and workplaces with similar weapons that deliver non-ionizing radiation that heats up their bodies and they'll eventually die from heart attack or cancer, or become forced suicides to escape the endless torture.